Terrence Dixon — Lost At Sea [EP]


Techno don and Detroit native, Terrence Dixon, has long held his name closely knitted to a movement set to push out some of the most forward thinking and cutting edge music to date. Lost At Sea marks his most recent efforts and solidify a position of top-notch techno dispensary once again.

Not yielding to begin, “Untitled 1” possesses a forceful and haunting jab of pulsing techno wrapped in a whirling mystification of drums, white noise, and subsided bass. The tremor of noise surfaces and sinks back and forth through the entirety causing an alarming effect. The trip continues as “Untitled 2” feels like we just entered a circus within the leagues of unknown ocean depths to discover. Its assembly of noise blasting all at once calls for a, seemingly, at random assortment—but it’s not until a good third of the song cuts through that we can notice a subtle formation of co-dependence the sounds have with one another.

Coming to “Untitled 3”  we get a firm dose of the raw and sweeping technotic sound we are all used to. The noise experimentation settles down in this one as a filter of vibrant sounds hold a secondary position. Before we can distinctively classify both sides of this release, Dixon throws in yet another tidal wave of hypnotic sounds that ride along with the beat. “Untitled 4” finishes off with a closing and lowered down tone of well-paced variations that signal the closing of a grand expenditure. Another gem produced by T.D., these are selling like hotcakes all over digital shops. Grab yours too!

Locked Groove — Waves [LGR001]


In a time where everything has gone paperless, green, and ultimately, DIGITALLY, it’s refreshing to see how artists like Tim Van de Meutter (aka Locked Groove) choose to stand behind a vinyl-only imprint. After only a little over a year passing since his debut release, Locked Groove has, undoubtedly, kept things steady and on lock. Taking the next step with his own label named, Locked Groove Records, Van de Meutter showcases a delectable side to his productions people of all ages can enjoy; it’s called Waves.

The two track EP covers different eras of music that’ll add a kick to your step. Track title ” Waves” displays a distinct inspiration by Parris Mitchell Project’s “All Night Long”. Crsip melodies and unpredictable patterns adorn this release joyously. The b-side, “Shirts Off”, takes a tender approach for harmony and takes us on a nostalgic trip to the reminiscent music years of yesterday. Choppy vocals add a basic human element that complement the liveliness of this track.

Get your needle on this before it’s too late!

Audionite — No Good [BNR099]


Berlin based producer Szymon Rabowicz—better known as Audionite—is one of today’s most versatile producers. Coming off his Adjustment Path debut LP (2012) released digitally on BNR Trax that displayed a dexterous range in production, April saw the delivery of his awaited No Good EP imprinted on Boysnoize Records. Packed with two original tracks titled “No Good” and “Concentration of Authority” that also feature two remixes by J. Tijn and Jon Convex, this is a diligent four-track dose of party techno that will keep you on your feet from start to finish. Available now with a limited edition 399 vinyl printing, make sure to grab your copy while you can.

JoeFarr — Clock EP

Hailing as one of Bristol’s hottest new talents, JoeFarr comes out with a merciless tip of new electronic endeavors titled Clock EP. Turning lots of heads last year with his debut EP, On Further Inspections, he returns to Turbo with a new dish that already received charged reactions by DJs worldwide. Supported by label chief Tiga, techno connoisseur Dave Clarke, and Paris’ beloved Gessafelstein (to name a few), Clock is

packed with four rave-ready techno cuts that will place crowds on overdrive.

The title track “Clock” starts off with raw and asphyxiating drums, intensifying as the deep vocals and colossal chords hover around the entire song. Next, “Big Jeff” stabilizes adrenaline with its hooking four-on-the-floor, body-subduing groove.

“What Goes Around” crosses over into a depth of bass works that renders a sweaty Detroit sound, while “Uncle B” properly slows the pace, stringing a deep house vibe that takes a final turn into an explosion of spinning robotic apparatus.

With no current scheduled gigs for summer (sad, we know), he is on remix duties for Louisahh  & Craig Williams’ newest collaborative efforts with a release date that is still TBA.

Rødhåd — Spomeniks EP [Token 030]


Born and raised in Berlin, Rødhåd drops a three track EP titled Spomeniks under Token Records. Being one of the city’s most sought after acts during recent times, he has made a name for himself with his high-energy infused DJ sets, which have become something of a regular event at Berlin’s famous club Berghain. Racking up such a reputation and also serving as label boss of his own imprint, Dytopian Records, it’s hard to believe he has only three official releases under his belt.  

“Buzludzha” is the first track off the A side displays a lush mob of aerial synths circulating around the track’s entirety that help put together a tinged  darkness that complement the track’s absurdity and unsettling suspense.

Next comes titled track “Spomeniks” that delves into a brilliant, up-beat and already expected techno expedition with a dose of abstruse sonic gauges that are chilling and a trademark of his style.

The B side lays out “Energomash” which is undoubtedly put out as a prime-time dance floor track with mesmerizing chords that also embraces an increasingly melancholic feel to it.  


Phon.o — Schn33/Go [50Weapons027]


German producer Phon.o is, without a doubt, a favorite who releases under Modeselektor’s label 50Weapons. Since the issue of his last LP Black Boulder that saw light in 2012, he’s had plenty of people anticipating his next move. He recently graced us with a fresh EP titled Schn33/ Go.

 “Schn33” starts off as an elemental composition that mirrors plenty of his signature sounds and patterning that manage to maintain an inventive rhythmic essence from beginning to end. Decorated with easy-flowing synths, the dramatic build up in the later part of the song forms an outstanding highpoint in the track that carries it through the end.

“Go” further displays great creativity with Phon.o’s ability to rework similar elements and produce a changed feel from the previous track.  Showcasing a range of sound concentrating on a more dub-oriented concept, this one picks up a hefty techno momentum as the beat goes on that guarantees it to be a dance floor hit.

Be sure to grab the physical copy out now

Headless Ghost — Frontend EP [Royal 016]


An alias by producer Ripperton, Headless Ghost stands as his side project, which to many is still a blur in terms of intent. Offering not much of a written explanation, one can get an idea of what he’s doing once the music starts. Back-boned by his staple dash of soulful funk, this EP shines light on a raw approach to house. Enclosed with three tracks, Frontend has the mode to set the mood.

 BASIK FIRE, with its warm synths, is a great prep that sets up the track wondrously. Timely elements are what bring out the magic and unveil together a contagious tune that, true to its name, has the right employments to be a hot track. SP3 is compounded by a smooth yet forceful flair that displays a definitive old-skool touch that relies more on the patchy progression and melodic synth presented. YEAAHHH is the closing track that seems to chain the rhythmic gathering of the last two and adhere to a similarly fresh sound of earnest, warm hums that make it easy to keep on replay.

A fun listening you want to be in on.

Miss Kittin - Bassline EP


Serving as a teaser for her forthcoming album “Calling For The Stars” set to be released on April 22nd, Miss Kittin graces us once again with the precursor—Bassline EP.

Complete with 4 moving tracks, this is another solid release under her belt.

Bassline starts with a catching upbeat tune set at a steady tempo that vibes well.  With her signature sensuality, Kittin leads the song with captivating vocals that haunt and carry the song through the end properly cutting up vocals which echo in both ears  meeting match with a classic piano breakdown.

Djedjotronic’s version picks up the vibe catering this track for the dance floor connoisseurs of the distinctive French touch. Adjusting vocals with a hint of reverb, the smooth and soft danceable edge Djedjo turns this into a 2.0 dose of Body-Moving-Musique.

I Don’t Know How To Move is a slow and spaced out track which sends us diving into a deep mood; 7 minutes and 28 seconds of unhurried, pleasing sounds.

Picking things up, Motown is packed with even more somatic vibes, beams and groove in a way only Miss Kittin would assemble. With no kick drum or bass line, this track builds a climatic anticipation that does not –under conventional terms—get fulfilled and instead holds the density from beginning to end. A different approach at hand, this one is perfect for a cool-down after a long session on the floor.

Also available are two Beatport Bonus Tracks of Come Into My House remixed by Solomun and Mock & Toof.

Kobosil - RK3


A mystery that struck even those familiar with the underground scene when his remix of Barker & Baumecker’s “Silo” emerged to the public , the ever so concealed Kobosil discloses himself boldly with his debut and self-released EP  “RK3” allowing it to speak for itself. A well-crafted and cutting edge assembly of sound, this Berlin-based producer breaks ground and dismisses any possibility of a “sound-alike” classification to be made upon his production.

PLANT 5 is an industrial contraption with such atmospheric force that simply immerses us into a scene of rhythmic machinery steering us into the right direction.

EMIL, the brilliantly acidic interpretation, propellers us with its controlling tempo  and hollow echoes which shift and arrange a climatic form that releases a majestic bass line one simply cannot turn away from.

In continuity, the impression left only gets more methodical with the abstruse effect LESS conducts. Challenging and reconstructing our preconceptions, this track feels like an experiment of melodious distortion and white-noise whirled together in an ocean of fluctuating range and frequency that blends beautifully in a display of original and inventive taste.

THINK & THINK deals a lively culmination with impressive patterning that bring us back to a comprehensive state from the boisterous immersion we have with the previous track. A thriller full of rampant suspense that feels like you’ve embarked on a moody journey of tense temperament, Think & Think provides a powerful and significant ending to a distinct experience of impulse, noise, and above all – techno.

Kobosil leaves a firm imprint with this release and intrigues us more with what is to come. Be sure to get your issue while you can here!


FUNCTION Incubation [O-TONLP12]


Hypnotic, deep and nothing short of true to the mesmerizing experimentation obscurity which is the techno of Berlin, Dave Sumner—better known as FUNCTION—delivers his first ever and highly anticipated full-length LP under none other than the techno label of labels, OSTGUT TON.

Incubation is all around free-flowing with a spaced out vibe that holds no mercy on your ears. An intricate audio sonic journey, this album is guaranteed to keep you in the loop through its entirety. Easy to listen through, this futuristic approach brings a new definition to 21st Century Tekno.

“Voiceprint”, composed of spaced out synths and a captivating echoing vocal note is a fantastic starting point to gear up for this experience. It’s easy to fall in love with  “Against The Wall” and its enthralling  progression filled with elaborate and acidic beams that evoke a feeling of cosmic warfare on your senses. “Modifier”, again, is one of the tracks entrapping you into a matrix of spookified vibes with a seamless advancement in progress that is one for the lovers of true minimal mysticism. The Jeff Mills influence is relatively alive in this compilation and definitely leaves a sort of Detroit-meets-Berlin sentiment.The album’s track continuum syncs in well with one another, making it even more reason to leave you resonating with a personal Incubation of your own.

Simply put, FUNCTION has undoubtedly delivered an impressive debut LP that marks proof of a heightened maturity developed via this supernatural experience.

This is definitely a must-get for underground music lovers worldwide.